LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne

The CEN Occitanie team

The Conservatoire d’espaces naturels d’Occitanie (CEN Occitanie) is an association for the protection of nature that has been working for 30 years on the knowledge, conservation and ecological transition of the natural heritage in the region. CEN Occitanie is coordinator of the LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne project throughout the Occitanie region and will put in place a strategy and actions to protect and improve biodiversity and associated ecosystem services in natural, semi-natural and agricultural environments.

Meet the project team :

Mélanie NÉMOZ
LIFE Biodiv'Paysanne Coordinator and Project Manager

Hélène LOUIS
Administrative et financial Assistant - LIFE Biodiv'Paysanne Representative

Mathilde CASSÉ
Communications Officer - LIFE Biodiv'Paysanne Representative

Charles-Edouard LÉVÊQUE
Coordinator - Agroecology thematic centre

Sylvain DEJEAN
Ecology Manager

Land (A4 & B1)

Project impact monitoring (D1 & D2)

Non-profit Agricultural Operating Company

Geomatics Technician

Director - CEN Occitanie

Daniel MARC
Operations Director

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