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You will find here all the LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne project’s documentation and publicity supports. There will be documents to download if read online.

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Building a sustainable web design site consists in reducing its impacts throughout its life cycle, from its design, through its use, its transport if necessary and this, until its treatment at the end of its life. Eco-friendly web design thus makes it possible to create sites that consume less energy in 4 stages: design, web hosting, consultation by Internet users and site administration.

The LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne site is hosted by Infomaniak, a Swiss green web hosting company, which offsets all its CO2 emissions at 200% It was created on the basis of eco-friendly designing with a clean design, light contents, useful functionalities and requests limited to the essentials in order to provide a unique and effective experience to the user.

To find out more about the eco-design of websites, we invite you to read this article: