Interview of Salelles – Rieucros farm about agroecological transition. Here.

The LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne leaflet is available online ! Read it or download it here.

The LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne project aims to preserve the region’s natural environments and fauna and flora, among the richest in France in terms of biodiversity, threatened by artificial environments, the intensification of agriculture or the agricultural loss that leaves these environments abandoned. 

Marsh Fritillary | Euphydryas aurinia
Opening of grassland | 11
Dry grassland | 48
Gathering on the Martre Bel Air farm | 81
Volunteering activity to reopen natural area | 65

It comprises nearly 300 sites, or more than 25,000 hectares, distributed throughout the region.

In order to deal with the various threats to the preservation of biodiversity, the LIFE Biodiv’Paysanne project will carry out actions to restore natural environments, will strengthen the network of protected areas by signing agreements and acquiring sites, will draw up multi-site management plans and will devote an important part to the agro-ecological transition of the territory. Indeed, it aims to support 60 farms for a better consideration of biodiversity within their farm, through the co-construction of a socio-economic, agronomic and ecological cross-diagnosis tool, the drafting and implementation of management plans. The project will thus be based on a partnership with committed actors made up of environmental associations, communities, natural area managers, training centers, agricultural stakeholders and farmers, who fight for the protection of nature and work towards an agroecological transition of their production methods.

It is necessary to consider the biodiversity at all usage levels. It is essential to act with a common goal by producing sustainably using environmentally friendly practices to continue to enjoy the incredible landscapes and species that nature offers us within the Occitanie region.